We're Wonderland Farm.
We breed and raise high-quality goldendoodles  beyond ethical standards.

We love all things beautiful, healthy and raised with love and care. We are nurturers at heart and love to connect families with healthy puppies that are well set up for success.

Our Dogs
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We're a small family breeder of GANA Blue Ribbon-certified Goldendoodles in Eugene, Oregon. We raise our puppies with love and gentle handling, and a developmentally appropriate environment that adjusts each week of their puppyhood.

We have 2-3 litters a year so that we can focus on their health, happiness, hygiene, and pairing with the family that fits them best.

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Upcoming Litters

One week in with Maple and I have to write to thank you. We are all convinced we have the best puppy in the world - everything is going to much better than I expected. Maple has easily and quickly adjusted to our home and even sleeps through the night! I really can hardly believe it! She is going to the door when she has to go to the bathroom and has had only a few potty accidents inside. She sits on command and happily goes into her crate for sleeping. I had always heard that going with a good breeder is important. Well, I’m convinced I went with the best. Thank you for being so good to your puppies and for prepping them well for their forever homes. 

- Erika


Genetically Tested for Superior Health

Our dogs are tested for dozens of conditions that plague golden retrievers and poodles (ie. eye issues and hip dysplasia) so that we never breed a dog that tests positive for a particular issue.

Non-Shedding & Hypo-Allergenic

Our dogs are multi-generational goldendoodles, meaning they will not shed or have allergenic dander. 

Non-Agressive & Highly Intelligent

Our dogs are also bred for disposition, meaning we breed those with gentler, intelligent dispositions. This is because we seek to be confident in our ability to provide dogs to families with children as well as therapy and service dogs.

Our Mission

Helping bring            
 resilient, trainable dogs into the lives of loving families.

We have the time, space, and love available to raise dogs that are set up for success from pre-conception all the way through to the day they go home with you.

Our Dogs

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