Welcome to Wonderland Farm

We're Alex and Tyler, and our 3 little puppy-handler helpers.

We started breeding goldendoodles in addition to our own careers in order to provide others with the joy that our sweet dogs have brought to our family.

Based in Eugene, Oregon, Our Puppies have traveled nationwide to join their families

We're a Small Family Breeder of Multigen Miniature Goldendoodles 

As our teacup poodle Paddington reached the age of 17 years old and began to succumb to his old age back in 2016, going blind and deaf and suffering from anxiety when he was alone, our thoughts began to wander to finding a puppy to give him a little boost in play and company when we weren't at home. We knew we both loved poodles for their intelligence and sense of humor, and wanted to continue our path with this wonderful breed.

Tyler's mother, long time breeder of goldendoodles at Fountain Falls Goldendoodles, had been encouraging Tyler to start a breeding program of his own, and at this point, promised him a puppy. In January of 2017, Tyler flew to SC to collect our sweet Truffles, and we all fell in love with her.

A couple of years later, Tyler picked up our sweet, very empathetic stud Griffin from his sister Neelie who also breeds goldendoodles with River Falls Goldendoodles, and we began our breeding program under their guidance and years of expertise.

After moving to a 5-acre farm and completely renovating the barn to create a beautiful, comfortable whelping space complete with central cooling and heating, water, a doggie door to a large, covered outside playpen, and shifted the environment in an developmentally appropriate manner using Puppy Culture principles, we feel incredibly fortunate to offer healthy, sweet-tempered miniature goldendoodles to families who are ready for their forever furbaby,

Can we just keep them all?!

Though we never intended to start a breeding program, we have fallen in love with the world of goldendoodles.

We feel so fortunate to have the ability to bring healthy, gentle-natured companion dogs into the lives of families. Our purpose is to set these beautiful creatures up for success to keep dogs out of pounds while providing their families with love and all of the amazing benefits that having a good dog provides - exercise, healthy routine, important lessons on gentle caretaking for the younger members of the family, unconditional love and a furry shoulder to cry on in the hard moments of life. 

We make sure to pay a lot of attention to the personality and needs of the puppy as much as we do the families that come to us, so that both are truly happy with one another, 

Dogs can be one of the best aspects of your life, if you find the right fit for your personality and lifestyle needs. 

Top: Wolfgang AKA our puppy concierge. Left, Truffles bounding around with her puppies Right: Tyler planting trees with Truffles


We are a nature-loving family that would rather be tending to our plants and dogs but have to balance it with our careers for now. We strive to provide our dogs with the healthiest upbringing possible to set them up for success with their new families. We are so fortunate to have such an incredible breed to work with.




Tyler works representing Oregon nurses and Alexandra runs a design agency.


Our boys are 11, 3, and 1. The oldest, Wolfgang, loves helping with the puppies.


Tyler's mother and two of his sisters also breed goldendoodles.


Our farm used to be a horse farm and we have been working on restoring the soil since 2018.

Your at-a-glance guide to where we stand on all the truly important things.


Favorite indulgence

We all love sushi!

celeb i'd love to meet

Jane Goodall

Guilty pleasure

French fries all around!

alternate universe job:

Farmers 100%.

favorite place i've been:

Our farm. Our move here was very intentional. ❤️

drink of choice

Coffee for Tyler and Alex! Wolfgang - a decaf oat milk mocha

can't live without

The space & beauty of our farm.

usually craving

Green juice ... and burritos.

beach vs mountains


favorite show to binge


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